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books-Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics 19th(pdf)

Nelson textbook of pediatrics 19th edition 

nelson textbook of pediatrics 19th edition
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Table of Contents :

Part I – The Field of Pediatrics.
Part II – Growth, Development, and Behavior
Part III – Behavioral and Psychiatric Disorders
Part IV – Learning Disorders
Part V – Children with Special Needs
Part VI – Nutrition
Part VII – Pathophysiology of Body Fluids and Fluid Therapy
Part VIII – Pediatric Drug Therapy
Part IX – The Acutely Ill Child
Part X – Human Genetics
Part XI – Genetic Disorders of Metabolism
Part XII – The Fetus and the Neonatal Infant
Part XIII – Adolescent Medicine
Part XIV – Immunology
Part XV – Allergic Disorders
Part XVI – Rheumatic Diseases of Childhood
Part XVII – Infectious Diseases
Part XVIII – The Digestive System
Part XIX – Respiratory System
Part XX – The Cardiovascular System
Part XXI – Diseases of the Blood
Part XXII – Cancer and Benign Tumors
Part XXIII – Nephrology
Part XXIV – Urologic Disorders in Infants and Children
Part XXV – Gynecologic Problems of Childhood
Part XXVI – The Endocrine System
Part XXVII – The Nervous System
Part XXVIII – Neuromuscular Disorders
Part XXIX – Disorders of the Eye
Part XXX – The Ear
Part XXXI – The Skin
Part XXXII – Bone and Joint Disorders
Part XXXIII – Environmental Health Hazards
Part XXXIV – Laboratory Medicine

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