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Hand Foot Mouth disease

Hand Foot Mouth disease


• A very common cause of hand foot mouth disease is enterovirus infection (coxsackievirus A10 or A16), which may occur in mild epidemic proportion, chiefly in children
• Incubation period is short, usually less than 1 week

Clinical Presentation

• Oral mucosal lesions with focal herpes simplex–like appearance, usually involving nonkeratinized tissue (soft palate, floor of mouth, labial-buccal mucosa)
• Accompanying palmar, plantar, and digital lesions are deeply seated, vesicular, and erythematous
• Short course with mild symptoms


• Concomitant oral and cutaneous lesions
• Skin lesions commonly involve hands and feet.
• Skin lesions may involve buttocks.
• Antibody-titer increase measured between acute and recovery phases

Differential Diagnosis

• Herpangina
• Herpes simplex infection
• Acute lymphonodular pharyngitis


• Symptomatic treatment only
• Patient should be cautioned against the use of aspirin to manage fever.


• Excellent
• Lifelong immunity, but it is strain specific


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