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Ebola Myths & Facts For Dummies PDF

Ebola Myths & Facts For Dummies PDF

Ebola Myths & Facts For Dummies
 Author Edward K. Chapnick
File size 2 MB
Year 2015
Pages 128
Language English
Category Free Medical Books,Virus
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Book Description:
Differentiate the truths from the myths on Ebola
With the Ebola crisis continuing to mount globally, it’s only natural to want to take measures to increase your protection from contracting this virus. But there’s a difference between being informed and going into panic mode—and that’s where this no-frills guide comes in. Ebola Myths & Facts For Dummies is your tried-and-true resource on understanding the facts about Ebola, including its history, how it’s spread, signs and symptoms, and the claims about Ebola that simply aren’t true.
What started off in Africa has now slowly started making its presence felt in the Western world, and many of us are left wondering if it’ll end up in our own backyards. Brought to you by an infectious disease specialist, Ebola Myths & Facts For Dummies delivers the most up-to-date, important information on Ebola.

Understand the history of Ebola
Learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of Ebola
Debunk the myths and concentrate on the facts
Help support the fight against Ebola

If you’re looking for accurate and concise information about the Ebola virus, Ebola Myths & Facts For Dummies offers the latest, most trusted information on how it’s spread, symptoms to look for, and ways to protect yourself and loved ones against infection.

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