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Women in Academic Psychiatry PDF

Women in Academic Psychiatry PDF – A Mind to Succeed

Women in Academic Psychiatry PDF

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Women in Academic Psychiatry PDF ,
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This book features personaland moving narratives from influential women leaders in psychiatry about what inspires and motivates them, and their social and professionalstrategies for overcoming challenges and achieving recognition.  Their stories are powerful tales of female self-determination and empowerment. Subsequent chapters expand on this theme. Theyhighlight and analyse key internal and external barriers that women face while offering practical advice on strategic actions and decisions that can help women achieve their career aspirations. The book is relevant to women at every stage of their careers and alsoto men who are interested in understanding, supporting and promotingwomen’s advancement in academic psychiatry.
Women in Academic Psychiatry: A Mind to Succeed is of interest to women at every level of their careers, from medical school, to those first few years in the job market, to striving to create notable success.

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