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Clinical Virology Manual 5th Edition

Clinical Virology Manual 5th Edition PDF

Clinical Virology Manual 5th Edition
 Author Michael Loeffelholz, Richard L. Hodinka, Stephen Young and Benjamin Pinsky
  Isbn 978-1555819149
  File size 12 MB
  Year 2016
  Pages 622
  Language English
  File format PDF
  Category Free Medical Books,Virus
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Book Description:
The definitive clinical virology resource for physicians and clinical laboratory virologists The clinical virology field is rapidly evolving and, as a result, physicians and clinical laboratory virologists must have a reliable reference tool to aid in their ability to identify and diagnose viral infections to prevent future outbreaks.
In this completely revised edition of the Clinical Virology Manual, Editor in Chief, Michael Loeffelholz, along with Section Editors, Richard Hodinka, Benjamin Pinsky, and Stephen Young, have complied expert perspectives of a renowned team of clinical virology experts and divided these contributions into three sections to provide the latest information on the diagnosis of viral infections, including ebola, HIV and Human papillomavirus state of the art diagnostic technologies, including next-generation sequencing and nucleic acid amplification methods taxonomy of clinically important viruses such as polyomaviruses and zoonotic virusesThis comprehensive reference also includes three appendices with vital information on reference virology laboratories at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, state and local public health laboratories, and international reference laboratories and laboratory systems.
Additionally, a new section Diagnostic Best Practices, which summarizes recommendations for diagnostic testing, and cites evidence-based guidelines, is included in each viral pathogens chapter. Clinical Virology Manual, Fifth Edition serves as a reference source to healthcare professionals and laboratorians in providing clinical and technical information regarding viral diseases and the diagnosis of viral infections.

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