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Immunology PDF: An Illustrated Outline 5th edition

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Year 2015
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Book Description

There’s no other OCN® Exam review resource like it! The Core Curriculum for Oncology Nursing 5th Edition is the only review book for the OCN Examination developed in collaboration with Oncology Nursing Society (ONS). Based on the latest test blueprint for the OCN Exam this book covers the entire scope of practice for oncology nursing ― in an outline format that emphasizes important information and streamlines your review. Edited by Joanne Itano a certified oncology nurse The Core Curriculum is recognized as the definitive review tool for the OCN exam. Whether you’re preparing for your initial OCN certification or getting recertified you cannot do without this resource!

  • Definitive preparation guide for the OCN® Examination
  • is developed in collaboration with and endorsed by the Oncology Nursing Society the parent organization of the Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation (ONCC) which administers the OCN Examination.

  • Coverage of the entire scope of oncology care includes quality of life protective mechanisms gastrointestinal and urinary function cardiopulmonary function oncologic emergencies the scientific basis for practice health promotion and professional performance.
  • Nearly 60 colorful illustrations and more than 150 summary tables explain complex concepts in oncology nursing including up-to-date cancer staging information.
  • Coverage of pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic interventions includes both traditional and alternative therapies.
  • Outline format provides a quick-reference review that begins with theory and continues through the steps of the nursing process.

  • NEW! Revised and updated content reflects the latest OCN® Examination test blueprint.

  • NEW! Updates on cancer treatment and related nursing care include the most current and accurate information preparing you for exams and for clinical practice. 
  • NEW! Emphasis on QSEN competencies is designed to reduce errors in oncology nursing practice with a focus on safety and evidence-based practice including a Safety Alert icon and a High-Alert Medications icon for cancer chemotherapy drugs. 
  • NEW! Coverage of application of the nursing process is streamlined to emphasize collaborative problems goal setting interventions and evaluation.

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