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Practical Implant Dentistry: The Science and Art 2nd Edition

Practical Implant Dentistry: The Science and Art 2nd Edition

Practical Implant Dentistry: The Science and Art 2nd Edition

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The science and art of implant dentistry encompasses both complex surgical protocols and advanced prosthodontics, and no beginner can achieve excellence in this discipline without a clear understanding of the step-by-step guidelines. This established textbook, written by clinicians for clinicians, presents evidence-based protocols and focuses on the technical skill and practical craftsmanship that are essential to predictable outcomes in implant placement, augmentation, and restoration. Detailed clinical algorithms facilitate understanding of the various treatment options available, and checklists ensure that the proper protocol is followed before advancing to the next phase of therapy. Updated throughout, the book now features new sections on the use of cone beam imaging, computer-based diagnostics, and CAD/CAM restorative laboratory procedures. This book provides the perfect introduction to implantology with instruction to advance the skills and extend the clinical scope of every practitioner.
Section I Introduction and Assessment
1. Introduction
2. Patient Selection and Treatment Philosophy
3. Patient Assessment
4. Medical Evaluation and Patient Management
5. Additional Diagnostic Procedures
6. Anatomical Variations
Section II Implant Placement: Surgery and Prosthodontics
7. Immediate Placement and Computer-guided Surgery
8. Delayed Placement in Adequate Bone with Mature Ridge
9. Delayed Loading: Implant Exposure
10. Restorative Phase: Prosthetic Protocols
Section III Augmentation
11. Overview
12. Bone Expansion
13. Localised Onlay Bone Grafts
14. Extensive Bone Grafts
15. Posterior Maxilla
16. Posterior Mandible
17. Corrective Soft Tissue Surgery

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