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Psychotherapy of Personality Disorders PDF

Psychotherapy of Personality Disorders PDF: Metacognition States of Mind and Interpersonal Cycles

Psychotherapy of Personality Disorders
Author Giancarlo Dimaggio
File size 466.25 KB
Year 2007
Pages 256
Language English
File format PDF
Category Free Medical Books,Psychology
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Book Description:

An accurate description of the problems associated with personality disorders can lead to psychotherapists providing better treatment for their patients, alleviating some of the difficulties associated with handling such disorders. The authors draw on existing therapeutic approaches and concepts to offer a treatment model for dealing with personality disorders.

Psychotherapy of Personality Disorders clearly discusses the models for different types of personality disorder, along with general treatment principles, focusing on:

  • principles for identifying and classifying types of disorder
  • theoretical analyses that are characteristic of each type
  • practical therapeutic principals that are grounded in the basic theory.

The language is clinician-friendly and the therapeutic model is illustrated with clinical cases and session transcripts making this title essential reading for psychotherapists, personality disorder researchers and cognitive scientists as well as professionals with an interest in personality disorders.


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