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Grading and Staging in Gastroenterology PDF

Grading and Staging in Gastroenterology PDF

Grading and Staging in Gastroenterology
Author Guido N. J. Tytgat
File size 8.26 MB
Year 2008
Pages 392
Language English
File format PDF
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Book Description

Staging and grading are indispensable in reaching an adequate diagnosis
to determine disease severity to choose an appropriate therapy and to assure
the best patient care and quality of life but up to now no one source in
gastroenterology has existed. Gastroenterologists gastrointestinal surgeons
and fellows-in-training in gastroenterology will therefore immediately recognize
the practical value of Grading and Staging in Gastroenterology – a comprehensive
and systematic overview of all the current and most relevant information
regarding grading and staging in gastroenterology – now selected and compiled
for the first time in a single volume.

Organized into three sections – Instruments for
Overall Patient and Disease Assessment
; Organ and Disease-related Staging and Grading
and Quality of Life Patient Assessments – readers have the option of using as an overall reference to refer
to a specific organ or disease or by virtue of the extensive subject index to
research according to specific instrument or other relevant topics.

The following timesaving and didactic features further enhance the usefulness and
whether you are a clinician or surgeon responsible for training involved in
research including setting up research trials or require deeper understanding
of evidence-based studies you will find making this compendium a part of your
gastroenterology library a smart investment.

  • Uniform presentation — each of the grading and staging
    systems is anchored in a strict text structure which includes aims comments
    and exact reference
  • Precise and unobtrusive explanatory notes (comments) —
    especially useful for nurse practitioners
  • Numerous supplementary high-quality line drawings and
    endoscopic radiologic and histological images — clarify and elucidate where
  • Complete and accurate reference of all original sources
    respective to each instrument — saves valuable research time

Grading and Staging in Gastroenterology is for all gastrointestinal professionals looking for an ideal guide into the myriad of staging and grading systems in gastroenterology.

Grading and Staging in Gastroenterology PDF Grading and Staging in Gastroenterology PDF Free Download Grading and Staging in Gastroenterology PDF Ebook