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Herbal Products PDF

Herbal Products PDF: Toxicology and Clinical Pharmacology (2nd edition)

Herbal Products
Author Sheldon Saul Hendler
File size 1.99 MB
Year 2008
Pages 788
Language English
File format PDF
Category Free Medical Books,Pharmacology,Toxicology
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Book Description:

With the large number of consumers curently supplementing with various vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, health professionals and consumers alike need a reliable, research-based source of information on these supplements. This 2nd edition maintains its status as a comprehensive resource for the entire spectrum of nutritional products. Each monograph includes the chemical nature of the compound, claims made for it and clinical research supporting or refuting those claims, risks and precautions and potential interactions. Includes entries on not only vitamins and minerals, but amino acids, probiotics, phytoestrogens, phytosterols, and more.

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