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Sjogren’s Syndrome PDF

Sjogren’s Syndrome PDF

Sjogren’s Syndrome
Author Hannah Yoseph
File size 2.91 MB
Year 2013
Pages 236
Language English
File format PDF
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Book Description:

By the co-author of the popular book “How Statin Drugs Really Lower Cholesterol (And Kill You One Cell at a Time)”: Here is PROOF that Sjogren’s is caused by fungal toxins like statin drugs and other fungal-like toxins from H. pylori infection. To accept this evidence requires the courage to disagree with conventional thinking about Sjogren’s. The other choice is to curse the messenger or accept the old paradigms that do not cure. Many drugs derived from fungal toxins (mycotoxins), like statins, are clearly linked to Sjogren’s Syndrome. If autoimmune illnesses like Sjogren’s and Lupus are caused by toxin-making infections inside cells, then anti-malarial antibiotics like Plaquenil should have some positive effect (as malaria infects the inside of cells) — and do! On the other hand, in the face of real infection, drugs to suppress the immune system are like shutting off the water supply used by firemen trying to put out a complex fire. This also violates the medical ethic: “First, do no harm”. This book is not a recounting of available conventional treatment driven by for-profit drug companies but is, rather, a whole new convention. For those who truly want health restored rather than the current downward spiral, they will find the strength to change their minds — one of the most difficult things for anyone to do once a mainstream mindset is made on a matter. Dr. Yoseph explains how Sjogren’s is not a diagnosis but a description, and without a proper diagnosis there can be no remedy. Toxic drugs to suppress painful symptoms are the best that modern medicine can offer in its current system of belief. Here, layers of evidence are provided to unlock the so-called mystery of Sjogren’s. Be ready to open your eyes (some will not because they can not change their minds), as remedy is made straightforward when the axe is taken to the root of the tree. The Sjogren’s protocols herein, nevertheless, will not be supported by your physician or your mother as Dr. Hannah Yoseph clearly contradicts the “experts” who sometimes challenge her “credentials” (retired general physician) rather than investigate the evidence she has gathered from the public record and practice. In this book she explores Sjogren’s at the causal level and again consolidates the science from all over the world: deadly fungal toxins cause Sjogren’s. Hannah Yoseph explores the lost science and offers a chance for the suffering and weary. It is a must read for the patient, family and friends. In beautiful concise and simple prose she points the way for patients and researchers alike. It is time for medicine to return to its roots: the art and science of healing without harm rather than promoting drug company interests to “treat” a so-called incurable disease forever rather than cure. Dare to dump the acid-making soft drinks, dare to be well, stump your physician and stomp out Sjögren’s – for life!

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