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The Evolved Athlete PDF

The Evolved Athlete PDF: A Guide for Elite Sport Enhancement (Cognitive Systems Monographs)

The Evolved Athlete
Author Tijana Ivancevic
File size 10.15 MB
Year 2017
Pages 185
Language English
File format PDF
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Book Description

This handbook provides insights into becoming a better and more evolved athlete. It offers aspiring athletes regardless of skill level a better understanding of their bodies and how to unlock the unlimited potential of muscles without injury.
It focuses on the “superhero” muscle: the iliopsoas and also sheds light on Diamond-Corporation’s new technology and elite athleticism and how these can contribute to a healthier life. Lastly the authors explore the mindset of success and provide exercises for remaining calm under pressure.


This stand-alone book is the sequel to Paradigm Shift for Future Tennis and Enhancing Performance and Reducing Stress in Sport (2014 Springer).
This book is written by scientists whose expertise collectively spans the fields of biomechanics clinical surgery current and former elite athleticism engineering and naturopath doctoral work. Together they aim to inspire and educate athletes on how to improve their sports performance by using new technologies world class biomechanics knowledge and ancient herbal medicines.

The Evolved Athlete PDF The Evolved Athlete PDF Free Download The Evolved Athlete PDF Ebook

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