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Diet Therapy in Advanced Practice Nursing PDF

Diet Therapy in Advanced Practice Nursing PDF: Nutrition Prescriptions for Improved Patient Outcomes

Diet Therapy in Advanced Practice Nursing
Author Katie Ferraro
File size 4.36 MB
Year 2013
Pages 672
Language English
File format PDF
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Book Description

A Doody’s Core Title for 2015.

Proven nutrition strategies for optimizing health and combating specific diseases – written for the advanced practice nurse

As scientific evidence continues to emerge showing the underlying role nutrition and diet play in preventing and treating common health issues such as cardiovascular disease diabetes and cancer there’s renewed emphasis by healthcare providers on delivering individualized nutrition prescriptions to patients to improve health outcomes. While this role has traditionally been performed in out-patient and in-patient settings by registered dieticians advanced practice nurses now play a major role in giving diet and nutrition advice to patients and in some cases prescribing medical and diet therapy plans.

Diet Therapy in Advanced Practice Nursing gathers together the evidence-based guidelines and practices recommended for the prevention management and treatment of a variety of disease states. Co-authors Katie Ferraro RD and Cheryl Winter RD NP used their combined knowledge and experience in nutrition and nursing practice to write an easy-to-use book that gives readers practical resources such as:

  • Meal planning and tracking tools
  • Nutrition screening assessment and counseling techniques
  • Body weight regulation principles
  • Nutrition assessment and monitoring parameters

Individual chapters cover nutrition for all major disease states giving prevention guidelines medical nutrition and diet therapy recommendations patient education tools and detailed complication and side effect considerations. The book concludes with appendices containing key information for clinical reference including Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) tables USDA Food Patterns CDC Growth Charts and Useful Conversions for Nutrition.

Diet Therapy in Advanced Practice Nursing PDF Diet Therapy in Advanced Practice Nursing PDF Free Download Diet Therapy in Advanced Practice Nursing PDF Ebook