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End of Life Care in Nephrology PDF

End of Life Care in Nephrology PDF: From Advanced Disease to Bereavement

End of Life Care in Nephrology
Author Edwina Brown
File size 1.34 MB
Year 2007
Pages 305
Language English
File format PDF
Category Free Medical Books,Nephrology

Book Description:

There is an ever increasing awareness that all patients are entitled to a good quality death and that diagnosing end of life is as important as diagnosing a chest infection. This is particularly true for renal patients where dialysis can be continued and complications treated even when the patient is dying. End of Life Care in Nephrology provides practical guidance on all aspects of this difficult field; the clinical state of dying renal patients, how to control their symptoms, and how to help patients and their medical teams discuss difficult issues such as dialysis withdrawal and death. The book highlights how to facilitate good communication between renal and palliative care teams and the theory is illustrated by case histories.

Written by a palliative care physician who has worked closely with renal patients for many years, a nephrologist, and a counsellor, this handbook will be ideal for doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals working in renal medicine and palliative care.

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