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Hormone Receptors in Breast Cancer

Hormone Receptors in Breast Cancer PDF

Hormone Receptors in Breast Cancer
Author Suzanne A. W. Fuqua
Isbn 0387094628
File size 3.72 MB
Year 2008
Pages 281
Language English
File format PDF
Category Free Medical Books,Oncology
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Book Description:

Hormone Receptors in Breast Cancer provides an up-to-date resource of the role of hormone receptors in breast cancer written in depth for both the basic molecular academic researcher and translational scientist. Advances in basic science of molecular endocrinology have undoubtedly been translated into clinical practice, and clinicians caring for this disease need to be knowledgeable about these developments. The molecular basis of hormone action has been elucidated, and the relative significance of the different estrogen and progesterone receptor isoforms has been explored. This explosion of information has lead to exciting new areas of gene specific targeting of the disease, and breast cancer prevention. Paradigm shifts in treatment options and sequencing have recently occurred in breast cancer management, necessitating close cooperation and communication between translational scientists and physicians. This book is focused on providing this communication.

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