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Regulatory Toxicology PDF

Regulatory Toxicology PDF

Regulatory Toxicology
Author Renuka Sengupta
File size 11.99 MB
Year 2016
Pages 260
Language English
File format PDF
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Book Description

REGULATORY TOXICOLOGY is designed to be very useful & appropriate in conducting tests for development & registration of chemical products in different countries before the consumers are exposed to these chemicals. It has comprehensive and practical information about the procedures involved in generating toxicology data which have to be submitted to regulatory authorities. It describes methods for carrying out acute sub-acute & long term studies besides mutagenicity carcinogenicity neurotoxicity & reproduction studies. Details of necroscopic clinical biochemistry & haematology histology methods are given. Experimental procedures of all major studies are explained. Statistical tools used for analyzing toxicology data are described in the chapter on statistical methods used for regulatory toxicology. The tools include the utility of randomisation one & two tailed tests & quantitative analysis for analyzing dose- relationship. Managerial aspects of Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) are focused especially planning administration and decision making in terms of facility resources equipment personnel and procedures (for recording of data governed by regulations) including preparing for inspection by external agencies as well as on GLP policies. There is a chapter that outlines the possibilities of utilizing animal alternatives in order to practice the 3R’s (Replacement Reduction Refinement) in regulatory toxicological Studies.

Regulatory Toxicology PDF Regulatory Toxicology PDF Free Download Regulatory Toxicology PDF Ebook

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