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Atlas of Polysomnography Second edition PDF

Atlas of Polysomnography Second edition PDF

Atlas of Polysomnography Second edition
Author Nic Butkov
File size 23.59 MB
Year 2011
Pages 483
Language English
File format PDF
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Book Description:

Completely revised and updated for 2011, the second edition of the Atlas of Clinical Polysomnography builds on the excellence of the first, presenting an extensive collection of normal and abnormal sleep recording samples with clear supporting textual points and concepts. Utilizing the original 12″ by 12″ format with foldout pages, each sleep recording sample is meticulously reproduced to preserve every important detail. The new Atlas has been revised to include recent changes and conventions while maintaining a balanced historical and global perspective. The second edition has also been expanded to include the following: * An extensive overview of polysomnography, presented in a manner that is comprehensive, yet easy to understand. * A step-by-step description of electrode and sensor application, with detailed color photographs demonstrating each step of the application process. * A comprehensive overview of the polysomnographic features of sleep disordered breathing, offering a unique and practical perspective regarding clinically-relevant data interpretation. * A systematic review of the new scoring rules, with relevant commentary and discussion. * An in-depth discussion of all current positive airway pressure (PAP) treatment modalities, including CPAP, bi-level PAP, bi-level S/T, adaptive servo-ventilation, and various other PAP options. * An extensive collection of actual-size sleep recording samples with clear and easy-to-understand supporting text.

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