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Cancer Genetics and Psychotherapy

Cancer Genetics and Psychotherapy

Cancer Genetics and Psychotherapy

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The aim of this book is to provide the readers with the most comprehensive and latest accounts of research and development in this field by emphasizing on the manner of relation between doctors and cancer patients in direction of improving the patients’ style of life. This book, partly, will deal with psychotherapy by considering cancer patients, benefits, hazards and also social impacts including life style. The social supports as the key and influential paradigms will be challenged as a comparative insight by considering the global unity in order to provide a reasonable model to improve the interaction between cancer and psychological nest.
In this book, the real stories of cancer patient will be also provided.

The initial insight of sections includes:

1)    Brief classifications and key points of clinical and histopatological aspects of each organ.
2)    Brief view of genetic alterations in each organ.

3)    Therapeutic aspects.
4)    Brief classifications and key points of Psychology in cancer.
5) The interactions of clinical aspects with psychological field.

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