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Manual of Orthopaedics 7th edition PDF

Manual of Orthopaedics (7th Revised edition)

Manual of Orthopaedics (7th Revised edition)

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Manual of Orthopaedics Seventh Edition provides you with quick access to the orthopaedic information needed to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal injuries and diseases with confidence.
Your keys to excellence in your orthopaedic challenges…
·         Broad scope covers the full range musculoskeletal conditions from the commonly encountered seen in primary care medicine to the catastrophic seen in the emergency rooms and    orthopaedic clinics
·         User-friendly outline format provides quick access to essential facts on a variety of acute and chronic orthopaedic disorders
·         Treatment algorithms provide an initial approach to all musculoskeletal problems
·         Illustrations support the text offering visual guidance on common techniques – including placement of splints use of casts and injections
New to the Seventh Edition…
·         All chapters have been updated with the most current information
·         New authors have been added to gain a fresh perspective and to update chapter outlines where indicated
·         Clear distinction has been made regarding what conditions are appropriately managed by primary care and emergent/urgent care providers and which need orthopaedic subspecialist care
A must have resource for students residents primary care providers emergent and urgent care providers and orthopaedic providers in all practice enviornments.