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Mentored by a Madman

Mentored by a Madman: The William Burroughs Experiment PDF

Mentored by a Madman
Author A.J. Lees
Isbn 1910749109
File size 1016.56 KB
Year 2017
Pages 236
Language English
File format PDF
Category Free Medical Books
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Book Description:

A fascinating account by one of the world’s leading neurologists of the profound influence of William Burroughs on his medical career. Lees relates how Burroughs, author of Naked Lunch and troubled drug addict, inspired him to discover a ground-breaking treatment for Parkinson’s Disease. Lees journeys to the Amazonian rainforest in search of cures, and through self-experimentation seeks to find the answers his patients crave. He enters a powerful plea for the return of imagination to medical research.

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