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Diet Nutrition and Fetal Programming PDF

Diet Nutrition and Fetal Programming PDF

Diet Nutrition and Fetal Programming
Author Rajkumar Rajendram
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Year 2017
Pages 621
Language English
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Book Description

This volume offers the most comprehensive coverage on fetal programming. Chapters are written by authors of international and national standing leaders in the field and trendsetters. The clinical relevance of the current research is emphasized in each chapter which also contains key points key words and concise summaries for ease of learning. Fetal programming affects conditions in the immediate postnatal period as well as in later life and adulthood. These conditions include cardiovascular disease frank hypertension stroke dyslipidemia coagulopathy increased insulin resistance-metabolic syndrome type-2 diabetes leukemia testicular cancer prostate cancer breast cancer polycystic ovary syndrome precocious puberty impaired immune function renal disease lung disease and osteoporosis. Neuropathologies behavioral and mental deficiencies schizophrenia and depression have also been reported in adults who were exposed to nutritional inadequacies in utero.
Diet Nutrition and Fetal Programming provides an overview on the effects of fetal programming on disease and comprehensive looks at maternal nutrition factors and fetal programming effects on brain and behavior and physiology and disease. It also provides an in depth look at specific nutrient restrictions and supplements on physiology and disease the effects of maternal disease on fetal programming mechanisms of programming and a special section on the international aspects and policies on fetal programming.

Diet Nutrition and Fetal Programming PDF Diet Nutrition and Fetal Programming PDF Free Download Diet Nutrition and Fetal Programming PDF Ebook

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