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Exercise for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Treatment

Exercise for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Treatment: From Molecular to Clinical, Part 2 PDF

Exercise for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Treatment
 Author Junjie Xiao
  Isbn 981104306X
  File size 6 MB
  Year 2017
  Pages 324
  Language English
  File format PDF
  Category Cardiovascular
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Book Description:
The book provides an intensive overview on exercise for cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment, from basic research to clinical practice. The volume firstly summarizes the acute and chronic response to exercise. Secondly, evidence for exercise as medicine for the heart based on clinical studies and basic research is summarized. Thirdly, molecular mechanisms mediating the beneficial effects of exercise including IGF-1-PI3K-AKT signalling, NO signalling, C/EBPB-Cited4 signalling, Non-coding RNAs, epigenetic regulators, mitochondria adaption and exosomes are presented. Finally, exercise dosing, prescription and future prospects are provided. This book will provide valuable reference for researchers in cell biology, physiology, as well as physician, physical therapist in cardiology, sport medicine, etc.

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