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Handbook of Clinical Drug Data 10th Edition PDF

Handbook of Clinical Drug Data 10th Edition PDF

Handbook of Clinical Drug Data 10th Edition
 Author Anderson,Philip and Knoben,James
File size 7.5 MB
Year 2001
Pages 1104
Language English
Category Pharmacology
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Book Description:
The Tenth Edition of the Handbook of Clinical Drug Data continues a long tradition of providing clinically relevant, well-referenced drug information compiled by expert clinicians and presented in a compact format. The formats of all sections should be familiar to users of the ninth edition. As with recent editions, information in the Handbook is divided into three parts. Drug Monographs in Part I have been updated to include numerous newly marketed and promising investigational drugs. Areas with extensive revisions include the Antivirals reflecting the many new agents for HIV infection, Immunosuppressants, Anticonvulsants, and the Hematologic Drugs. Three new subsections have been added to reflect the growing number of agents for rheumatoid arthritis, glaucoma and osteoporosis: Antiarthritic Drugs in the Analgesic and Anti-inflammatory Drugs section, Ophthalmic Drugs for Glaucoma in the Central Nervous System section, and Bisphosphonates in the Renal and Electrolytes section. Clinical Drug Information in Part II continues to provide clinically useful information that helps the reader to decide which drug(s) are most likely to have caused adverse reactions or which are the best choices for patients in special populations. All drug-induced diseases sections have been extensively updated, as have the Cytochrome P450 Interactions, Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, Renal Disease, Immunization, and Cardiac Arrest sections. Drug-Laboratory Test Interferences in Part III has also been updated. In this edition, we welcome several new authors: Dan Baker, Jess Benson, Toy Biederman, Juliana Chan, Paul Cuddy, Rob DiDomenico, Allison Einhorn, Ray Hammond, Patty Marshik, Gary Matzke (a returning author), Renée Mercier, and Anna Taddio (our first “international” author). We would also like to thank the previous authors whose work in most cases served as the basis for revisions of the chapters that appear in this edition by new authors: Andrea Anderson (Drugs and Pregnancy), Lisa Ashton (Respiratory Drugs), Arasb Ateshkadi (Renal and Electrolytes), Rosemary Berardi (Gastrointestinal Drugs), Larry Borgsdorf (anaphylaxis) Larry Davis (NSAIDs and Hematologic Drugs), John Flaherty (Aminoglycosides and β-Lactams), John Gambertoglio (Renal Disease), Millie Gottwald (Antimigraine Drugs and Neurodegenerative Diseases), Amy Guenette (Inotropic Drugs and Nitrates), Brian Kearney (Renal Disease), and Carolyn Zaleon (Gastrointestinal Drugs). We are saddened to report the deaths of Drs. Ateshkadi and Gambertoglio since our last edition. Both will be remembered for their professional dedication and the quality of their work. John Gambertoglio had long-time personal and professional ties to the editors and will be particularly missed.

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