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Handbook Of Medical Statistics

Handbook Of Medical Statistics

Handbook Of Medical Statistics

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This unique volume focuses on the “tools” of medical statistics. It contains over 500 concepts or methods, all of which are explained very clearly and in detail.
Each chapter focuses on a specific field and its applications. There are about 20 items in each chapter with each item independent of one another and explained within one page (plus references). The structure of the book makes it extremely handy for solving targeted problems in this area.
As the goal of the book is to encourage students to learn more combinatorics, every effort has been made to provide them with a not only useful, but also enjoyable and engaging reading.
This handbook plays the role of “tutor” or “advisor” for teaching and further learning. It can also be a useful source for “MOOC-style teaching”.
Readership: Biostatisticians, applied statisticians, medical researchers and clinicians, bioscience students, biopharmaceutical researchers, public health epidemiologists; biometricians& applied mathematicians.

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