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Handbook Of Medical Statistics PDF

Handbook Of Medical Statistics PDF

Handbook Of Medical Statistics
Author Janet Peacock
File size 17.49 MB
Year 2011
Pages 544
Language English
File format PDF
Category Free Medical Books,Statistics
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Book Description:
One day in May 2010, I received a letter from Dr. Don Mak, World Scientific Co., Singapore. It said, “You published a book on Medical Statistics and Computer Experiments for us in 2005. It is a quite good book and has garnered good reviews. Would you be able to update it to a new edition? Furthermore, we are currently looking for someone to do a handbook on medical statistics, and wondering whether you would have the time to do so . . .”. In response, I started to update the book of Medical Statistics and Computer Experiments and kept the issues of the handbook in mind. On June 18, 2013, Don wrote to me again, “We discussed back in May 2010 the Medical statistics handbook, which we hope that you can work on after you finished the manuscript for the second edition of Medical Statistics and Computer Experiments. Can you please let me know the title of the Handbook, the approx. number of pages, the number of color pages (if any), and the approx. date that you can finish the manuscript? I will arrange to send you an agreement after.” After a brainstorming session, both Don and I agreed to the following: It would be a “handbook” with 500–600 pages, which does not try to “teach” systematically the basic concepts and methods widely used in daily work of medical professionals, but rather a “guidebook” or a “summary book” for learning medical statistics or in other words, a “cyclopedia” for searching for knowledge around medical statistics. In order to make the handbook useful across various fields of readers, it should touch on a wide array of content (even more than a number of textbooks or monographs). The format is much like a dictionary on medical statistics with several items packaged chapterwise by themes; and each item might consist of a few sub-items. The readers are assumed to not be na¨ıve in statistics and medical statistics so that at the end of each chapter, they might be led to some references accordingly, if necessary.

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