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Addressing Brain Injury in Under-Resourced Settings PDF

Addressing Brain Injury in Under-Resourced Settings PDF: A Practical Guide to Community-Centred Approaches

Addressing Brain Injury in Under-Resourced Settings
 Author Ross Balchin and Rudi Coetzer
File size 20.4 MB
Year 2017
Pages 340
Language English
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Book Description

In picking up this book you may already be aware of at least some of the many global realities concerning brain injury. A huge number of diseases and forms of trauma that affect the world’s population directly or indirectly injure the brain. These include dementia, stroke, the effects of alcohol misuse, motor vehicle and pedestrian accidents, various types of violence and HIV/ AIDS, to name but a few. When it comes to services for addressing brain injury, patients and their families frequently complain of a dearth of information and expertise regarding brain injury and its neurocognitive, psychological and physical consequences. In under-​resourced settings, patients often receive no information or expertise at all. Despite the alarming statistics, brain injury has not received the global attention it deserves. Globally, many have no access to appropriate diagnostic, neurorehabilitative or support services following brain injury. Many patients with brain injuries do not receive care and support from hospital to rehabilitation facilities to home – for what is more often than not a life-​changing experience. This situation is largely due to shortages of the resources necessary for the diagnosis, support, management and rehabilitation of patients. This reality applies to both First World and Developing World settings, and transcends socio-​economic boundaries. Even in many well-​resourced settings, brain-​injury-​related knowledge and expertise are traditionally scarce resources, and many do not have the necessary know-​how when it comes to setting up and managing neurorehabilitation and support services. Frequently, neurorehabilitation services are either lacking or underdeveloped – often due to the high costs and levels of expertise normally associated with the provision of such services. Many patients and their families therefore quickly find themselves back in the home and community environments, overwhelmed and frustrated, trying to grapple with a multitude of problems and unanswered questions. Consequently, there is an urgent global need for brain-​injury services, especially in under-​resourced systems. As the world’s population grows, more strain is put on existing resources and medical infrastructures. Settings that are already under-​resourced and lacking in appropriate infrastructure are inevitably the most affected. As demand increases, there is more and more need to outsource support for patients to communities.

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