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Anesthesia in Cosmetic Surgery PDF

Anesthesia in Cosmetic Surgery PDF

Anesthesia in Cosmetic Surgery
 Author Barry Friedberg
File size 4.11 MB
Year 2007
Pages 284
Language English
Category Anaesthesiology
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Book Description

Anesthesiology has undergone remarkable changes in recent years. Among them is the development of anesthesia subspecialties and of anesthesiologists who focus most or all of their time in one area of anesthesia practice. This change has several advantages for patients, surgeons, and anesthesiologists.
For one, the anesthesiologist learns the needs and expectations of the surgeon, which optimizes surgical outcome for patients. Furthermore, knowing what to expect, the anesthesiologist is better able to adjust both the doses and timing of drugs so that patients are adequately anesthetized for surgery but then emerge fromanesthesia in a timely and comfortable manner.Nowhere are these issuesmore important thanwhensurgery isperformedinthe ambulatory or office-based setting. Expectations are that patients undergoing surgery in these settings will go home the same day. Resources for extended care are usually nonexistent, as they should be. Providing anesthesia for office- or clinic-based cosmetic surgery has emerged as one subspecialty area for anesthesiologists. For patients, convenience is greatly enhanced and costs are greatly decreased in office- or clinicbased cosmetic surgery.
To provide the best anesthetic care in this specialized setting requires certain skills that are not emphasized in most anesthesia training programs. Fortunately, we are blessed with a resource prepared by a highly skilled and experienced anesthesiologist. In this book, Dr. Barry L. Friedberg has assembled a compendium of his fifteen years of providing anesthesia care in the office setting.Where scientific documentation is available, Dr. Friedberg provides it. Where it is lacking, he guides the reader with recommendations that represent both reasoned judgment and innovative, effective results. He knows what works and what doesn’t and explains his views in text and illustrations that are concise and informative.

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