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Clinician’s Guide to PTSD 2nd Edition

Clinician’s Guide to PTSD 2nd Edition: A Cognitive-Behavioral Approach PDF

Clinician's Guide to PTSD 2nd Edition
 Author Steven Taylor
  Isbn 1462530486
  File size 2.7 MB
  Year 2017
  Pages 372
  Language English
  File format PDF
  Category Free Medical Books
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Book Description:
The first edition of this book, published over a decade ago, proved popular with readers for several reasons. The book was empirically grounded and amply illustrated with clinical examples concerning assessment, case conceptualization, and treatment. The book was broad in its coverage of the many different manifestations of PTSD, including issues concerning comorbidity and complex clinical presentations. Yet, the book was also concisely written so as to efficiently convey the important points to the busy clinician. A further strength was that PTSD was discussed in a biopsychosocial context. Although the book was written for cognitive-behavioral practitioners and trainees, it discussed biological aspects of PTSD, especially those pertinent to the assessment, case conceptualization, and cognitive-behavioral treatment of the disorder. The second edition of the book retains these positive features. The second edition also discusses the changes in the diagnosis of PTSD arising from the publication of DSM-5 in 2013. Both DSM-IV and DSM-5 criteria are discussed, and their similarities and differences highlighted. Both DSMs are discussed, in part, because some readers will have been trained on DSM-IV and others on DSM-5, but also for other reasons. An important consideration is whether the vast corpus of research on PTSD, as defined by DSM-IV (and DSM-III), can be generalized to PTSD as defined in DSM-5. For example, do treatment guidelines based on DSM-IV apply to DSM-5? The short answer is “yes.” The second edition provides an updated review of the important research findings that have emerged over the past decade, with particular emphasis on findings that are relevant to the cognitive-behavioral treatment of PTSD. All the treatment strategies discussed in the first edition remain

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