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DeVita Hellman and Rosenberg’s Cancer 10th Edition PDF

DeVita Hellman and Rosenberg’s Cancer 10th Edition PDF: Principles & Practice of Oncology

DeVita Hellman and Rosenberg's Cancer 10th Edition
 Author Vincent T. DeVita Jr. Jr. MD and Theodore S. Lawrence PhD MD
File size 66.6 MB
Year 2014
Pages 2280
Language English
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Book Description

The first edition of Cancer: Principles & Practice of Oncology was published in 1982. Now, 32 years later, we present the 10th edition, a milestone of sorts. Our intention with the first edition was to publish a book that was comprehensive and balanced, covering not just one field, as had been the practice of cancer texts before 1982, but providing in-depth, expert coverage of all the specialties. In fact, a feature of the disease-oriented chapters then and now has been co-authorship by each of the major specialties. Even in the early 1980s, it was apparent the field of cancer was changing rapidly and the regular production of new editions would be necessary to keep information fresh. Ten editions in 32 years has to be some kind of record for textbooks and accounts for the fact that Cancer: Principles & Practice of Oncology is the most popular cancer textbook in the world. But times have changed. With the increase in the rate of new information and the digital information revolution, the text has changed too. Updates cannot wait for a new edition. Doctors need new information as it appears. For this reason, the 10th edition will be updated quarterly by a team of experts selected by the editors. The new information will be inserted and highlighted in the appropriate chapters, with references, and updates will be posted to the online version. This makes Cancer: Principles & Practice of Oncology the most up-to-date, easily searchable cancer text in the world, and the only comprehensive cancer text that is continuously updated. A perusal of how the contents have evolved from the first edition to the tenth shows the breathtaking pace of change in our understanding of the biology of cancer and the application of this information to the practice of medicine in the past 32 years. All these changes have been chronicled in the 10 editions of the book and the text has been a major vehicle for the translation of new information into practice. With the new flexible format of the 10th edition, we expect this will continue.

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