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Dyad Leadership in Healthcare

Dyad Leadership in Healthcare: When One Plus One Is Greater Than Two PDF

Dyad Leadership in Healthcare
 Author Kathleen D. Sanford DBA RN CENP FACHE and Stephen L. Moore MD
  Isbn 1451193343
  File size 1.72 MB
  Year 2015
  Pages 312
  Language English
  File format EPUB
  Category Free Medical Books
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Book Description:
The concept of pairing two leaders to accomplish organizational goals is not new. Many of our colleagues can point to projects they have co-led in the past, sometimes even in the distant past. However, the development of a model of leadership in which two leaders from differing professional backgrounds are placed in formal management positions, as a strategy for moving into the next era of healthcare, is new. Our current world is largely centered around acute care hospitals. Single or small (not affiliated with a large system) institutions have been able to thrive in the past. There has been little financial reward for quality outcomes, and we still receive quite a bit of fee-for-service reimbursement for care to individuals. In the next era, stand-alone organizations will need to unite with others, because scale will be more important. Revenue will be based on provision of value, defined as efficiency and quality, delivered to populations. The next era of healthcare is already beginning, and leaders are planning how to best manage the evolution into the future. Another important change for hospitals and physicians is that past regulations which have hindered our collaboration are being replaced with aligned incentives and government encouragement to coordinate care. This has been a major impetus to the development of co-management models, including the development of Dyads. Our book is for executives considering the implementation of this type of leadership. It is also intended for leaders who are new or experienced Dyads, as a guide for becoming true partners. We wrote this book because we see great promise in this new model of leadership. It has the potential to bring professionals who have traditionally not “played well together” into high-performing teams who will perform an essential role in effectively transforming healthcare in America. Our organization, Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI), is investing in and implementing this way of leading as part of our commitment to healthier communities, users of healthcare, our employees, and other existing or future partners. We know that healthcare must change, and we believe the adage “doing things the same way and expecting different results is madness.” The future requires innovation, which is a strong CHI value. Development of high-functioning, multidisciplinary teams, led by Dyad leaders, is one of our innovations for the future. Others are beginning to utilize this leadership model, but we are alarmed by the number of our colleagues who, perceiving its value, are naming two individuals from diverse professions as co-leaders of departments or programs without thoughtful, deliberate planning and development of these leaders’ management, partnership, and team skills. As with any major change, the implementation of formal leadership partnerships requires an understanding of benefits and costs, along with executive commitment to development of something that is new to healthcare, unfamiliar to existing “single” leaders, and alien in an industry where most of us have grown up in professional silos. Without deep understanding and an exploration of what Dyad leadership is and needs to be, we fear these early experiments in partnering will fail, or at the very least, not reach their potential for excellent leadership in the next era. We (Steve and Kathy) are a functioning CMO–CNO Dyad team for one of the largest healthcare systems in America. As coauthors and editors, we are sharing our learnings in our Dyad development. In addition, this book includes a variety of personal experience stories by different Dyad partners, as well as contributions from participants in the development of our Dyad leaders, at the end of each chapter. From their accounts, executives considering this model, as well as potential Dyad leaders, will get a flavor of the challenges and rewards experienced on the road to a new way of leading.

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