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Electroanalysis in Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences PDF

Electroanalysis in Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences PDF: Voltammetry, Amperometry, Biosensors, Applications

Electroanalysis in Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
 Author Sibel A. Ozkan and Jean-Michel Kauffmann
File size 6.2 MB
Year 2016
Pages 350
Language English
Category Pharmacology
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Book Description:
For laboratory analysts and researchers in the pharmaceutical industries and graduate students in the pharmaceutical sciences, this book is a good starting point for applying electroanalytical methods to the quantification of drugs and pharmaceuticals. … This book will become a valuable resource for analysts studying electrochemistry, providing a comprehensive overview of the applications of various electrochemical modes, electrodes, and modifications.” (Bunji Uno, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, Vol. 408, 2016)

From the Back Cover
Through this monograph, the pharmaceutical chemist gets familiar with the possibilities electroanalytical methods offer for validated analyses of drug compounds and pharmaceuticals. The presentation focuses on the techniques most frequently used in practical applications, particularly voltammetry and polarography. The authors present the information in such a way that the reader can judge whether the application of such techniques offers advantages for solving a particular analytical problem. Basics of individual electroanalytical techniques are outlined using as simple language as possible, with a minimum of mathematical apparatus. For each electroanalytical technique, the physical and chemical processes as well as the instrumentation are described. The authors also cover procedures for the identification of electroactive groups and the chemical and electrochemical processes involved.

Understanding the principles of such processes is essential for finding optimum analytical conditions in the most reliable way. Added to this is the validation of such analytical procedures. A particularly valuable feature of this book are extensive tables listing numerous validated examples of practical applications. Various Indices according to the drug type, the electroactive group, and the type of method as well as a subject and author index are also provided for easy reference.

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