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Enhancing Surgical Performance PDF

Enhancing Surgical Performance PDF: A Primer in Non-technical Skills

Enhancing Surgical Performance
 Author Rhona Flin and George G. Youngson
File size 5.8 MB
Year 2015
Pages 223
Language English
Category Surgery
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Book Description:
When I took the first stumbling steps on the ladder of my profession, there was so much to learn. What others did looked easy until I tried. The acquisition of the essential knowledge and hand–eye co-ordination seemed to take so long, and I have to admit that even after 20 years it still occasionally deserts me. But with constant repetition my skills have developed, and often even I’m surprised by my apparently effortless achievement of good results.
But I am also haunted by a spectre. Reading about incidents to colleagues, it became apparent early on that what seemed to cause career-limiting problems, even injury and death, wasn’t a failing of just hand–eye co-ordination, or lack of reading, but something harder to define. After we’ve gained our initial experience, we still make small slips; but we’re also good enough to counter those, and they rarely cause a problem. What seemed to be causing issues though was something bigger, as if the whole system we worked in could conspire to create problems so complex that our apparent effortless skill could deliver us to disaster without us even knowing until it was too late.
As I read through the history books, it became obvious that the old way of ensuring results – knowledge of everything – simply couldn’t be relied on. Technical experts still got caught out, and death and maiming followed. I, and my colleagues, needed re-skilling. Our hand–eye co-ordination was still important and our knowledge still critical; but on their own, they wouldn’t deliver us a conscience-free retirement, or for that matter an easy working day.

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