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Essentials of Trauma Anesthesia 2nd Edition PDF

Essentials of Trauma Anesthesia 2nd Edition PDF

Essentials of Trauma Anesthesia 2nd Edition
 Author Albert J. Varon and Charles E. Smith
File size 24.7 MB
Year 2017
Pages 342
Language English
Category Anaesthesiology
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Book Description:
Traumatic injuries kill more than five million people annually. Millions more suffer the physical and psychologic consequences of injury, which have an enormous impact on patients, their families, and society. In the United States, trauma is the third leading cause of death in people of all ages, and the leading cause of death in individuals 46 years and younger. Trauma is also the single largest cause for years of life lost. Although few anesthesiologists care exclusively for trauma patients, most will treat trauma patients at one time or another in their clinical practice. These encounters can occur at the end of the day or in the middle of the night and challenge clinicians to expeditiously manage multisystem derangements despite incomplete patient information. Active participation of anesthesiologists in the care of severely injured patients provides the best opportunity for improved outcome. We believe participation should not only include involvement in anesthetic management, but also the initial evaluation, resuscitation, and perioperative care of these patients. Unfortunately, current training does not expose trainees to the entire spectrum of trauma care. Although there are a few textbooks that deal with trauma anesthesia, these books are quite extensive, serve mostly as reference books, and are not meant to be read cover-to-cover. Our intention in creating the first edition of Essentials of Trauma Anesthesia was to provide anesthesiology trainees and practitioners with a concise review of the essential elements in the care of the severely injured patient and to emphasize the role of anesthesiologists in all aspects of trauma care: from time of injury until the patient leaves the critical care areas of the facility. This second edition of Essentials of Trauma Anesthesia continues to pursue that goal while identifying many recent advances in trauma care including paradigm shifts in the management of bleeding and coagulopathy, new neuromuscular blockade and anticoagulant reversal drugs, and updated clinical practice guidelines.

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