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Foot and Ankle Radiology 2nd Edition PDF

Foot and Ankle Radiology 2nd Edition PDF

Foot and Ankle Radiology 2nd Edition
 Author Robert Christman
File size 57 MB
Year 2014
Pages 624
Language English
Category Radiology

Book Description:
The goals of Foot and Ankle Radiology, Second Edition, remain the same as of the first edition: to introduce the podiatric medical student to the scope of diagnostic imaging applicable to podiatric medicine, to prepare the podiatric medical student to apply podiatric radiography and radiographic interpretation in practice, and to provide the podiatric practitioner with a comprehensive base of knowledge to make informed decisions.
I am honored that the first edition stood the test of time and provided value to those who used it. I am also blessed to have had the opportunity to author and edit this second edition.
Significant time was spent editing the entire textbook so that it flowed consistently throughout. Any images in the first edition that poorly demonstrated what was being described were replaced with new ones. There were some comments regarding the first edition that some chapters were hard to read. Hopefully, the reader will find that this edition has corrected that, for the most part.
Generally speaking, the six sections remain the same; however, the Special Imaging Procedures section has been moved to the end since the focus of the textbook is on radiology. Also, one chapter, Principles of Radiographic Interpretation, has been moved from the Radiographic Anatomy section into the Systematic Approach to Bone and Joint Abnormalities section where it more aptly belongs. Four new chapters have been added, reflecting their increasing importance in podiatric imaging: Digital Radiography, The Diabetic Foot, Musculoskeletal Ultrasound, and Postoperative Evaluation and Complications.
Section 1, Radiography, has been significantly edited and includes a new chapter. Chapter 1, Radiologic Physics, Radiobiology, and Radiation Safety, has been rewritten. Chapter 2, Film–Screen Radiography, combines several of the first edition chapters: Radiography Equipment Considerations and Accessories, Exposure Techniques and Special Considerations, and Film Quality. With the advent of digital radiography, Chapter 3 is an entire chapter devoted to this subject. Not much has changed regarding positioning techniques (Chapter 4); however, newer terminology has been referenced relating to recent changes made in two major radiographic positioning textbooks (Merrill’s Atlas and Bontrager).
Chapter 5, The Normal Foot and Ankle, and Chapter 7, Normal Development, from Section 2, Radiographic Anatomy, did not require much editing because little has changed in this area. However, Chapter 6, Normal Variants and Anomalies, has been expanded and updated. In addition to being more comprehensive, a number of new illustrations have been included as well. Chapter 8, Developmental Variants, has also been updated.

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