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Fungal Nanotechnology PDF

Fungal Nanotechnology PDF: Applications in Agriculture, Industry, and Medicine

Fungal Nanotechnology
 Author Ram Prasad and Ram Prasad
File size 7.1 MB
Year 2017
Pages 295
Language English
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Book Description:
The study of fungal biology has developed into a valuable science in the last century as it has provided control over a number of infectious diseases. In this trend, nanotechnology has emerged as a potential candidate for similar applications. Biogenic tailored nanoparticles from fungi are gaining consideration due to their cost-effective, sustainable, resource-efficient, simple, and eco-friendly nature.
In this book entitled Fungal Nanotechnology, the editor has accrued numerous advanced approaches for studying the fungal system for the benefit of humankind. The book covers the synthesis of nanoparticles by fungi, the mechanism involved in such biosynthesis, and a unique template for synthesis of tailored nanoparticles targeted at therapeutics, diagnostics, agriculture, and industries.
This book should be immensely useful to microbiologists, nanotechnologists, researchers, technocrats, scientists of fungal biology, and to those who are interested in fungal nanotechnology. I am honored that the leading scientists who have extensive, in-depth experience and expertise in fungal system and nanotechnology took the time and effort to develop these outstanding chapters. Each chapter is written by internationally recognized researchers/scientists so the reader is given an up-to-date and detailed account of our knowledge of the nanobiotechnology and innumerable applications of fungi.

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