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Image-Guided Surgery PDF

Image-Guided Surgery PDF: Fundamentals and Clinical Applications in Otolaryngology

Image-Guided Surgery
 Author Robert F. Labadie and J. Michael Fitzpatrick
File size 32.9 MB
Year 2016
Pages 232
Language English
Category Surgery
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Book Description:
A tool is only as good as its human operator. Perhaps this truth is most evident in art, where a masterpiece may be created by a talented operator using very simple, basic tools. While Michelangelo produced the masterpiece that graces the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel with mere brushes, paint, and plaster, the authors of this work would be hard pressed to use these same tools to create anything considered art! Image guidance for surgical interventions is a tool, and it too is only as good as its human operator. Proper use of an image-guidance system is vital to both safety and efficacy in the operating room, and because these systems are becoming so widespread and at the same time are becoming so sophisticated, there is a real danger that their human operators may become captive to the technology instead of mastering it. The authors have watched this situation develop over a period of some 25 years, slowly at first but much more rapidly in the last 5 or 10 years. And, in that quarter century, the following theme has emerged: running through all this complexity is a common theoretical thread that, once grasped, will subdue the technology and make these marvelous tools far easier to master. Furthermore, understanding the theory of image guidance does not require an advanced degree in engineering or physics. It is our contention that these ideas can be understood by anyone who is willing to learn. To prove our claim and to help surgeons navigate the bewildering array of features, manuals, guidelines, warnings, and scientific publications in this field, we have written this book to explain the theory behind the technology and to present the current state of the art in the context of clinical applications. While some clinicians may at first be put off by the inclusion of theory in this work, we have found that it is vital to understanding both the power and the limits of this emerging technology, and we have worked hard to make it accessible. Leonardo da Vinci was unaware of the rapid deterioration of the egg-based tempura he used to paint the Last Supper, and as result that masterpiece is no longer with us in its full glory. Likewise, the skull-base surgeon who is unaware of the limitations of image-guided surgery may either not use the technology to its full capacity or, worse, use it in a way that is dangerous. To make it feasible for the busy surgeon to learn the basic foundations of image guidance without devoting an inordinate amount of time to it, we have done our best to trim all technical descriptions to their bare essentials. To make it easier to understand these descriptions, we have augmented them with clarifying explanations, analogies, and examples, such that all clinicians should be able to understand the technology. In addition, scattered through the book we have included boxed text highlighted in light blue-gray to provide additional details for the interested reader. These details tell “the rest of the story” (quoting the late Paul Harvey) but can be skipped without interrupting the flow and content of the text. Finally, we have included plenty

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