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Managing Pain Before It Manages You 4th Edition

Managing Pain Before It Manages You 4th Edition PDF

Managing Pain Before It Manages You 4th Edition
 Author Margaret A. Caudill and Herbert Benson
  Isbn 1462522777
  File size 4.21 MB
  Year 2016
  Pages 281
  Language English
  File format PDF
  Category Free Medical Books
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Book Description:
More than 20 years after the publication of this book’s first edition, a clear mechanism for chronic pain continues to elude us and, as a result, so does a definitive treatment. One reason is that the body’s pain system is exquisitely complex. It interacts with multiple interpretive, emotional, and reasoning parts of the brain. Although we still speak of chronic pain as one experience, it is really hundreds of disorders that have one thing in common: the continuation of a pain message for months to years. When I started sitting with patients three decades ago, I did not expect there would be no cure for chronic pain in the second decade of the 21st century. Pain, that complex system that warns us of danger and harm, is so adaptive and crucial that it touches on every aspect of what we call human. As such it defies simplification. At the time I began my career in pain medicine, I also did not expect to be on the receiving end of chronic pain, but aging and genetics have conspired to make it so. After my initial disbelief (“You’ve got to be kidding me!”), fear (“Is it cancer?”), and panic (“I don’t have time for this!”), the irony of a pain specialist having chronic pain became a source of humor, and I have carried on, but in a different way. I’ve been given the opportunity to apply to myself the lessons in this book, drawn from the experiences of many brave people before me.
I am fortunate to have had these skills at my disposal and a practical disposition that left little time for despair. So I can say that I personally endorse the program that follows and hope you are able to benefit as well. In spite of there being no cure for most chronic pain problems at this time, the years…

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