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Manual of Pediatric Nephrology PDF

Manual of Pediatric Nephrology PDF

Manual of Pediatric Nephrology
 Author Kishore D. Phadke and Paul Goodyer
File size 8.9 MB
Year 2013
Pages 630
Language English
Category Pediatrics
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Book Description:
This manual does not want to replace standard textbooks of nephrology or pediatric nephrology. Rather, it offers a fi rst, quick and practical approach for the care of children with kidney disease. It is meant to serve practitioners, trainees, pediatricians, general physicians, and other health care professionals. The manual is the product of a long-lasting collaboration between two pediatric nephrology units, the Children’s Kidney Care Center at the Saint John’s Medical College Hospital (St-John’s) in Bangalore, India, and the Division of Nephrology at the Montreal Children’s Hospital (MCH) in Montreal, Canada. The authors approached each chapter with the practical reality in emerging and resource-poor countries in mind. We hope that this concept renders the manual useful and versatile in a variety of settings and diverse medical practices.
To this end, we are proud of the manual’s endorsement by the International Society of Nephrology Global Outreach initiative and the support by the International Pediatric Nephrology Association. It is unavoidable in a practically oriented, abbreviated book like ours that topics are missing or only mentioned cursorily. The editors purposefully focused on relatively frequent and clinically important disorders and practical, mainly diagnostic and therapeutic, aspects.
Detailed pathological and pathophysiological reviews were omitted to keep the text short and lean. The reader is strongly encouraged to seek in-depth information in more comprehensive textbooks.

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