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Master Your Diabetes PDF

Master Your Diabetes PDF: A Comprehensive, Integrative Approach for Both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

 Author Mona Morstein
File size 3.48 MB
Year 2017
Pages 560
Language English
Category Diabetes
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Book Description

Diabetes is typically considered a progressive disease. Once diagnosed, patients tend to require more and more medicine to control glucose levels, and many eventually develop a diabetic complication. After many years of increasing disability, they suffer premature death, typically six to twelve years earlier than people without diabetes. A bleak outlook indeed, and it simply doesn’t have to be that way! This book is designed to give you the information you need to become the victor in your relationship with diabetes, rather than a victim. It can empower you in the knowledge that you can fully control the condition, even reversing Type 2 diabetes, and prevent diabetes’ harmful effects or even reverse damage that has already occurred. The goal is for you to continue living a full, active, enjoyable, and long life. As a diabetic patient, you may have found yourself frustrated by standard health care. You may not have received good nutritional advice, or any nutritional advice.
You may have experienced too-short office visits, your labs may continue to show poor glucose control, and it may be that the only treatment you have been offered is more and more medications to help bring your sugars down. Most conventional doctors are good people who care about their patients, but their medical training has mostly emphasized using medications to palliate chronic conditions. These types of doctors may also be leery of integrative treatments, such as specialized diets, lifestyle analysis, and supplements, which they haven’t been trained for and which are not always cleared by randomized controlled double-blind studies. I’ve been to many “conventional care” diabetic conferences over the years. At a typical conference, the majority of the lectures are on medications and how to use them with patients. It’s rare to find any discussions on nutrition, and I have never heard a lecture on using food to effectively control diabetes. At the last diabetic conference I attended, the meals served to attendees consisted of pastries for breakfast, large cookies for morning snacks, pizza for lunch, and ice cream for afternoon snacks.
It was as though the conference organizers were helping create the very diabetic patients they were running a conference to treat! However, there are other physicians to consider when you have diabetes: physicians who have specialized training in nutritional biochemistry and methods that work with the body to help it heal. Naturopathic physicians are one type, but there are other medical professionals who have what are called “integrative” (also known as “functional”) medical practices.

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