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Nurse on Board PDF

Nurse on Board PDF: Planning Your Path to the Boardroom

Nurse on Board
 Author Curran, Connie, RN
File size 4.33 MB
Year 2015
Pages 162
Language English
Category Nursing
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Book Description

As nurses go about their day-to-day duties, whether in staff roles or management-level positions, many fail to realize the critical role that the board of directors (BOD) plays in every aspect of their clinical lives, from the types and numbers of patients they serve, to their pay, to the physicians admitted to practice, and even to quality outcome expectations. The fact of the matter is that the BOD has responsibility for all of these things, often without expert input from nurses. Nurses represent the largest labor force in hospitals, are the largest human resource expense and, most importantly, are closest to the patients, their families, the physicians, and many other key stakeholders. Yet they have little to no input into the governance of healthcare organizations, regardless of their level in those organizations. Only a small fraction of healthcare board positions are held by nurses. The thousands of healthcare organizations, hundreds of disease-focused organizations, and innumerable nursing organizations will be greatly improved when informed nurses serve on their boards. Although much of this book focuses on healthcare governance, it also explores corporate, advisory, start-up, and corporate boards.
This book addresses these issues via explanation of what boards are and what they do, takes a look at the skills and characteristics required of effective board members (and how to develop these skills), and offers a description of what and who nurses need to know. You will benefit from interviews with nurses who have held, or currently hold, board-level positions, whether in hospitals, other nonprofit organizations, nursing organizations, or corporate boards. These nurses address their positive and negative board experiences, describe the skills nurses need and may not know they have, and give advice to nurses who want to become “board ready.”
Skillfully guides readers by sharing: best practices, data and advice from seasoned board leaders; explanations of different types of boards, how they work and the required skills and experiences; how boards recruit new members and how you can best position yourself as a candidate; and more.

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