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Oxford Handbook of Clinical and Laboratory Investigation 2nd Edition

Oxford Handbook of Clinical and Laboratory Investigation 2nd Edition PDF

Oxford Handbook of Clinical and Laboratory Investigation 2nd Edition
 Author Drew Provan
  Isbn 0198566638
  File size 18.8 MB
  Year 2005
  Pages 838
  Language English
  File format CHM
  Category Laboratory Medicine
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Book Description:
Modern medicine has advanced greatly even in the short time since the first edition of this handbook was published. The aim of the first edition was to provide a concise but readable account of most of the investigations used in medical practice, helping readers choose the correct test for a given situation. The book attempted to be both patient- and test-centred so that it could be used in the clinic when patients present with symptoms or signs. The majority of the book was devoted to the tests themselves, subcategorised by specialty. Rather than simply list the tests along with potential abnormal findings, we tried to provide information about interpretation of results, pitfalls associated with the tests, and the next steps in the investigative process. This new edition has precisely the same ethos but has been improved greatly by the addition of new members to the writing team. We have enlisted the help of experts in cardiology, gastroenterology, rheumatology and immunology.
The new authors have rewritten their respective chapters entirely and, as a result, the book is much enhanced. Other chapters have also seen major rewrites and the addition of many new graphics; in fact, the number of illustrations has almost doubled. This helps break up the text and also improves the readability of each chapter. With so much medical information available on the Internet, most chapters contain URLs for websites that provide full guidelines and other information which should be of value to the reader. I am extremely grateful to all the contributors for writing such lucid and relevant chapters, and for submitting their work within the timelines set. This has allowed the book to be published without delay, thereby reducing any outdating of material which is all too common with textbooks.

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