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Pathology for Surgeons in Training 3rd Edition PDF

Pathology for Surgeons in Training 3rd Edition PDF

Pathology for Surgeons in Training 3rd Edition
 Author Dugald Gardner and David E. F. Tweedle
File size 2.75 MB
Year 2002
Pages 400
Language English
Category Pathology
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Book Description

Candidates preparing for the examinations for the diplomas of MRCS or AFRCS often feel a need for a compact guide allowing quick and highly selective revision of Pathology. The present volume is intended to meet this requirement. The subjects chosen include not only classical Surgical Pathology but a substantial component of Microbiology, Haematology, Immunology, Clinical Chemistry and Blood Transfusion as well as brief notes on such issues as Audit, Computers, Imaging and Telepathology. This is not a textbook nor should it be read from cover-to-cover. The book has been prepared as an A to Z guide to the knowledge demanded by College examiners. It is planned so that postgraduate students can approach their chosen topics easily. To meet these aims, the contents, based on the syllabuses issued by the four surgical Colleges of Great Britain and Eire, are assembled for rapid, selective reference. There is extensive Cross-referencing so that a candidate, wishing to revise Ischaemia, for example, is advised also to read Anoxia, Gangrene and Necrosis while an examinee, seeking rapid help with Cancer of the Colon, is referred to Carcinogenesis, Cancer Genetics and Tumours.For the same reasons, there is a comprehensive Index, arranged so that the major topics are clearly distinguished from those that have been given only incidental mention. A difficulty that all recent surgical texts face is how to deal with the advances taking place in Molecular Biology, Immunology and Genetics and other subjects dominated by highly specialised techniques, a problem compounded by the jargon used by experts in these subjects. Here, we have compromised. All surgeons in training require to know that a susceptibility to colon and breast cancer, retinoblastoma and Wilms’ tumour, chronic myelocytic leukaemia and xeroderma pigmentosa, may be inherited.They may be interested in the frequency of the heritable defects, the mode of inheritance and the chromosomal abnormalities that underlie some cancers.They cannot be expected to know the exact location and designation of the mutant gene loci associated with these tumours or even the number and location of any chromosomal defect. The text includes 56 Tables. Further summary Tables of normal haematological and chemical values are appended.There are 58 explanatory Diagrams selected to illuminate points of importance and difficulty.The relevance of History to contemporary surgical practice may be denied but the authors believe that short comments on the founding fathers of Surgery and related subjects, add interest and assist candidates to place examination topics in context. Brief biographies of pioneers whose names are quoted in the text are therefore retained. No modern work can fail to take proper account of the impact made by the Internet. Consequently, a short note is included indicating how additional information can be obtained from Web sites.

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