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Physical Therapy Clinical Handbook for PTAs 3rd Edition

Physical Therapy Clinical Handbook for PTAs 3rd Edition PDF

Physical Therapy Clinical Handbook for PTAs 3rd Edition
 Author Kathy Cikulin-Kulinski
  Isbn 1284105563
  File size 17.5 MB
  Year 2017
  Pages 590
  Language English
  File format PDF
  Category Free Medical Books
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Book Description:
Welcome to the third edition of Physical Therapy Clinical Handbook for PTAs. This text is designed as a reference for a diverse audience including the PTA graduate, the second-year PTA student, PTA faculty, clinical instructors who mentor PTA students throughout their clinical field work, as well as veteran PTAs who are interested in staying abreast of the most current information and guidelines for treatment. The Third Edition espouses and embraces the inclusion of evidence-based intervention choices into clinical practice in alignment with the American Physical Therapy Association.
The role of the PTA and the implications related to interventions provided by the PTA in a variety of clinical settings are considered and incorporated throughout this edition. With the changing healthcare environment, it is imperative that the PTA has the strongest skill set available to make sound clinical judgements while incorporating evidence-based interventions to optimize functional outcomes that are expected in our profession today. This is reinforced throughout the text by use of ICF terminology linking with evidenced-based intervention choices to address impairments related to functional activities and participation restrictions. This handbook strives to fortify the PTA’s understanding with its expanded sections on Medicare guidelines for treatment by a PTA, enhanced documentation guidelines related to traditional and electronic medical recording, an expanded integumentary section, and medication tables relative to systemic pathologies. The text remains divided into nine parts, followed by appendices which include two sample balance assessment tools, the Borg Scale of Rating of Perceived Exertion, and three patient education samples for lymphedema, skin care, and diabetic foot care. Finally, new supplemental slides in PowerPoint format are available to instructors.

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