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Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease For Dummies PDF

Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease For Dummies PDF

Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease For Dummies
 Author James M. Rippe
File size 1.6 MB
Year 2015
Pages 360
Language English
Category Cardiovascular
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Book Description

As you read this book your heart is beating away in your chest sustaining your life. Although it’s about the size of a clenched adult fist and weighs less than a pound your heart beats 40 million times a year and generates enough force to lift you 100 miles into the atmosphere. What an amazing — and absolutely essential — machine! So consider these facts: One American dies of heart disease every 40 seconds — amounting to almost 600000 deaths every year. Almost every American adult has at least one of these risk factors for heart disease: high blood pressure high total cholesterol or LDL cholesterol smoking being overweight diabetes stress physical inactivity or nutrient-poor diet. Not one family in America is left untouched by heart disease. But here’s the good news: Regardless of your age sex ethnicity and current heart health you can acquire the knowledge and take action to work toward a healthier heart and the benefits that go with it. This book will help. About This Book Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease For Dummies is a commonsense guide for everyone.
It discusses simple things that you can do every day to maximize your cardiac health and prevent heart disease. You’ll also find some basic strategies and lifestyle practices to reduce and reverse the risk factors you may have for the major forms of heart disease. If you (or a loved one) already have heart disease you also have come to the right place. I explore some facts related to coronary heart disease angina heart attacks hypertension heart failure and many other cardiac conditions. You’ll discover ways to work with your doctor to control these conditions and possibly to reverse many of their consequences.
Lifestyle modifications provide the foundation for effective change. There are a few things that you should know about how I put the book together. First you can read the first part of the book (Chapters 1 to 3) for a brief but comprehensive introduction to heart disease and then go to the chapters that interest you most. Or you can go right to a specific chapter that you need such as Chapter 5 on creating a beneficial nutrition and physical activity plan or Chapter 9 on managing cholesterol problems. Part V contains more than 40 dishes you can choose from to start making more heart-healthy meals right away. If you want to skip sidebars (where I provide additional tips) or Technical Stuff icons that’s okay too. Think of this book as a tool that you can use any way that works best for you.

Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease For Dummies PDF Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease For Dummies PDF Free Download Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease For Dummies PDF Ebook