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Schein’s Common Sense Emergency Abdominal Surgery 4th Edition PDF

Schein’s Common Sense Emergency Abdominal Surgery 4th Edition PDF

Schein's Common Sense Emergency Abdominal Surgery 4th Edition
 Author Schein, Moshe, M.D. and Rogers, Paul N., M.D.
File size 95.77 MB
Year 2015
Pages 752
Language English
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Book Description

We are pleased to present the fourth edition of this book, which, since it first appeared 15 years ago, has become popular with surgeons having to deal with emergency abdominal surgery. Is there anything new in this field that merits the revision and update of such a book every 4-5 years? Yes. The way we practice emergency surgery is constantly evolving. With almost unlimited access to abdominal imaging, we can rapidly pinpoint the diagnosis and avoid an unnecessary operation, or perform an indicated operation instead of engaging in a prolonged period of uncertainty.
We are gradually becoming more selective and cautious — understanding that everything we do involves wielding a double-edged sword and that in emergency surgery usually doing less is better but occasionally doing more may be life-saving. At least — this is what we will want you to believe after reading this book… At the same time, changes in surgical education combined with the exaggerated obsession with modern technology are producing a new generation of general surgeons. In the new era super-specialization in ‘advanced lap’ procedures is considered profitable and ‘sexy’, whereas general surgical emergencies are left to the juniors or the allegedly ‘less talented’ surgeons. So, while there are post-residency fellowships in various fields, no such training is deemed necessary for emergency surgery — which is considered a ‘bastard’ field, which everybody can do… usually at the late hours when the ‘robots’ go to sleep. In this brave new world we need to constantly updates ourselves. We have to relearn how to deal with the old s**t — which is becoming rare — even when its odor is masked by the perfume of modern practice. And this is what we continue to do in this new edition — reciting the written-in-stone sacred, old basics but also showing how to integrate them with the evolving modern world. What is new in the fourth edition? We added three new co-editors: Ari from the University of Helsinki, Danny from the University of Tel Aviv and Jon from Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore — Jon took it upon himself to rewrite all the colorectal chapters.
All the contributors are well known to us personally as experts in their field. All existing chapters have been revised, expanded or rewritten by the old or new contributors and/or the Editors. Each chapter has been carefully scrutinized by us, its style and tone tuned to conform to the overall ‘voice’ of the book. We have eliminated chapters from this edition (e.g. complications of bariatric surgery) or subchapters (e.g. complications of cholecystectomy) in order not to duplicate contents from our other recent book — Schein’s Common Sense Prevention and Management of Surgical Complications (tfm publishing Ltd., UK 2013); we believe that these two ‘twin’ books complement each other.

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