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Statistical Methods in Neuropsychology

Statistical Methods in Neuropsychology: Common Procedures Made Comprehensible PDF

Statistical Methods in Neuropsychology
 Author David Aaron Maroof
  Isbn 1461434165
  File size 1 MB
  Year 2012
  Pages 110
  Language English
  File format PDF
  Category Neurology
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Book Description:
I realize that given the miscegenation between neuropsychology and statistics, dovetailing the two into a book, this book, would be a step in the right direction. That step includes the explaining of several of the uses and purposes of some very common statistical analyses. My intention is to simplify material that is all too often, perhaps unwittingly, bemused by authors who place greater emphasis on the mathematical algorithms and principles that underpin statistical analyses rather than simply describing their applications, limitations, and interpretations. My own discontent, as well as that of my colleagues’ and students’, with such common enterprises of concealing statistical knowledge in a mass of technical hugger-mugger—disaffects most—but it has only waxed my interest. The result is this Book. This is not the fi rst and only foray into providing a more practical and concrete explication of common statistical strategies. However, this book remains distinctive in that it provides unsophisticated explanations of statistics with examples of neuropsychological inquiries. I am hopeful that this book will provide the reader with a basic, yet fundamental understanding of these methods; and that this knowledge will serve as a springboard with which he can accomplish more challenging statistics

This book describes appropriate statistical models that are commonly utilized in neuropsychology. The book discusses such issues as developing normative data for neuropsychological measures, assessing the validity of neuropsychological tests, and quantifying change “over time” through longitudinal analyses. The rationale for and allure of the volume is the fact that there are no publications that dovetail the two subdisciplines of applied statistics and neuropsychology. The overall objective of this book is to provide a pragmatic and concrete source for applying methodological and statistical techniques in research studies whose emphasis includes neuropsychology. Since there are a plethora of technique to arrive at similar answers, each method with its strengths and weaknesses will be delineated. The beauty of the book will be that it will hopefully demystify commonly encountered issues faced with researchers. More specifically, it will provide a “how to do it” approach.

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