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Cases in Head and Neck Cancer PDF

Cases in Head and Neck Cancer PDF : A Multidisciplinary Approach

Cases in Head and Neck Cancer PDF
Author Bari Hoffman Ruddy
File size 10.18 MB
Year 2016
Pages 304
Language English
File format PDF
Category Oncology
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Book Description

Includes video and audio files! Cases in Head and Neck Cancer: A Multidisciplinary Approach encompasses rich material and resources that demonstrate the complex interface between the diagnostic and clinical information necessary to successfully manage patients with head and neck cancer. This must-read book contains cases written by leading experts in the field that cover a wide variety of head and neck cancers (i.e. tongue base tonsil laryngeal HPV related etc.) and treatment options including minimally invasive surgery such as robotic surgery and combined modality treatment protocols. Specifically this text addresses comprehensive cases from initial evaluation diagnosis imaging and other physiological tests to multidisciplinary treatment management (surgery chemotherapy and radiation therapy). Additionally approaches for the management of toxicities or morbidities of cancer treatment are presented as well as care plans discharge plans and caregiver burden and survivorship issues. Moreover material on health literacy humanistic care and improving communication with assistive technology has been included.
Written by clinicians specializing in speech-language pathology otolaryngology medical and radiation oncology pathology nurse case management radiology dietics among other fields this collection of authors provides one of the most complete presentations of the inner workings of the multidisciplinary care team.
The adult cases of head and neck cancer reviewed in this text exemplify current practice issues surrounding HPV minimally invasive robotic surgery and combined modality treatments. Each author threads introductory comments throughout the cases illustrating the critical role of the speech-language pathologist in particular and how all clinicians must address coping with survivorship and caregiver burden issues.
Cases in Head and Neck Cancer intends to teach future medical practitioners how to approach the complexities associated with head and neck cancer. Its vast number of images and videos included on a PluralPlus companion website allow for experiential driven classroom activities. This text will be an invaluable resource for the education of speech-language pathologists medical students nurse care managers dieticians and any person involved in a head and neck cancer team.
The book includes access to 46 videos and 5 audio clips hosted on a PluralPlus companion website.
*Note Regarding Access to Supplementary Content Online: This book comes with related materials hosted on a PluralPlus companion website. If you purchase or rent a used copy of the printed book the code to access the website printed inside the book may have been previously redeemed/used or be incorrect and you will NOT be able to use it. To guarantee access to the supplementary materials on the website it is recommended you purchase a new/unsused copy of this book directly from Amazon or the publisher Plural Publishing Inc. If you purchase from other resellers check with the reseller regarding the validity of the access code before completing your purchase. The publisher will not replace inactive access codes to customers renting or purchasing used books from Amazon or via other resellers.

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