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Endodontic Microbiology 2nd Edition PDF

Endodontic Microbiology 2nd Edition PDF

Endodontic Microbiology 2nd Edition PDF
Author Ashraf F. Fouad
File size 17.59 MB
Year 2017
Pages 472
Language English
File format EPUB
Category Microbiology

Book Description:

Endodontic Microbiology, Second Edition presents a comprehensive reference to the microbiology, pathogenesis, management, and healing of endodontic pathosis, emphasizing the importance of biological sciences in understanding and managing endodontic disease and its interaction with systemic health.

  • Provides a major revision to the first book to focus on the problems related to microbes in the root canal and periapical tissues
  • Updates current knowledge in endodontic pathosis, especially regarding next generation sequencing and microbial virulence
  • Presents useful diagrams, images, radiographs, and annotated histological images to illustrate the concepts
  • Emphasizes the importance of biological science in understanding and managing endodontic disease
  • Includes contributions from the leading researchers and educators in the field

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