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The Cell Language Theory PDF

The Cell Language Theory PDF : Connecting Mind and Matter

The Cell Language Theory PDF
Author Sungchul Ji
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Year 2017
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There may be a useful analogy that can be drawn between biology and cosmology. Just as we can recognize five distinct stages of development in the history of cosmology as indicated in Table P1 so perhaps the history of biology i.e. the history of the development of our knowledge of life may also be divided into at least five major stages. One such possibility is suggested in the right-hand column of Table P1 mainly based on my own limited research results obtained over the last four-and-a-half decades. Anyone attempting to write (or read) a book on the living cell the basic unit of life may do well to remember that there are about hundred thousand million (1011) stars in the Milky Way Galaxy and an equally numerous number of galaxies in the Universe whereas we can only see a few thousand individual stars with our naked eyes on a clear night [472]. If we can compare the discovery in 1953 of the DNA double helix by Watson and Crick to the earth-centered view of Aristotle’s Universe of the 4th century BC the cell-centered biology ushered in by the theoretical models of the living cell such as the Bhopalator [15–17] formulated in 1985 may be akin to the sun-centered Universe of Copernicus of the mid-16th century. By the early 20th century astronomy underwent three more “revolutions”: (i) our sun is only one of about 1012 stars in the Milky Way Galaxy (ii) the Milky Way Galaxy is only one of about
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