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Mitochondria and the Future of Medicine PDF

Mitochondria and the Future of Medicine PDF : The Key to Understanding Disease Chronic Illness Aging and Life Itself

Mitochondria and the Future of Medicine PDF
Author Lee Know
File size 2.86 MB
Year 2018
Pages 272
Language English
File format EPUB
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Book Description

With information for patients and practitioners on optimizing mitochondrial function for greater health and longevity

Why do we age? Why does cancer develop? What’s the connection between heart failure and Alzheimer’s disease or infertility and hearing loss? Can we extend lifespan and if so how? What is the Exercise Paradox? Why do antioxidant supplements sometimes do more harm than good? Many will be amazed to learn that all these questions and many more can be answered by a single point of discussion: mitochondria and bioenergetics.

In Mitochondria and the Future of Medicine Naturopathic Doctor Lee Know tells the epic story of mitochondria the widely misunderstood and often-overlooked powerhouses of our cells. The legendary saga began over two billion years ago when one bacterium entered another without being digested which would evolve to create the first mitochondrion. Since then for life to exist beyond single-celled bacteria it’s the mitochondria that have been responsible for this life-giving energy. By understanding how our mitochondria work in fact it is possible to add years to our lives and life to our years.

Current research however has revealed a dark side: many seemingly disconnected degenerative diseases have tangled roots in dysfunctional mitochondria. However modern research has also endowed us with the knowledge on how to optimize its function which is of critical importance to our health and longevity. Lee Know offers cutting-edge information on supplementation and lifestyle changes for mitochondrial optimization such as CoQ10 D-Ribose cannabinoids and ketogenic dietary therapy and how to implement their use successfully. Mitochondria and the Future of Medicine is an invaluable resource for practitioners interested in mitochondrial medicine and the true roots of chronic illness and disease as well as anyone interested in optimizing their health.

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Mitochondria and the Future of Medicine PDF Mitochondria and the Future of Medicine Free Download Mitochondria and the Future of Medicine Ebook

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