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Essentials of Medical Parasitology 1st Edition PDF

Essentials of Medical Parasitology 1st Edition PDF

Essentials of Medical Parasitology 1st Edition PDF
Author Sandhya Bhat
File size 35 MB
Year 2014
Pages 356
Language English
File format PDF
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Book Description

Exam-oriented text in a bulleted format.
Includes more than 150 color schematic diagrams and more than 100 slides for easy learning.
Provides latest updates in laboratory techniques epidemiological data and treatment strategies.
The whole content of the book has been arranged in a bulleted format.
Entire book is divided into four sections general introduction, protozoology, helminthology and miscellaneous.
Extensive use of sub-head increases the readability of the text.
Summary of laboratory diagnosis and treatment given in separate boxes for quick review.
Latest updates such as vaccine trials of malaria, drug resistance in malaria, Del Bruttos diagnostic criteria of neurocysticercosis, culture techniques and immunodiagnostic techniques in parasitic diseases have been incorporated.
Expected questions including MCQs have been added at the end of each chapter to reinforce and understand the in a better way by the student.
Life cycles are drawn in lucid and easy-to-grasp manner.
Laboratory diagnosis and treatment boxes are introduced as a different entity for a quick review for students as well as for physicians.
Real microscopic images of parasites and specimens from various sources are incorporated to correlate their impressions with the related parasitic diseases.
Six useful appendices have been incorporated at the end.
This book is designed specifically for undergraduate and postgraduate medical students, paramedical students, and faculty.

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